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What Does a Dog Leg Brace do?

Derrick Campana

Your dog is the world to you. He or she deserves to be happy and healthy. So, what do you do when your dog isn't happy and healthy? You figure out what you can do to help, of course! For pet owners who want to make sure their dog is comfortable despite a chronic condition, birth defect, or injury, a dog knee brace is a good investment. If you're wondering whether or not this would be a wise purchase for you, we're happy to take the time to explain what you can expect from a dog leg brace.

What Does a Dog Leg Brace do?

Dog knee braces are an excellent option for providing support to your dog’s leg muscles and joints. Braces can relieve arthritis pain and increase your dog’s ability to move more freely. In the cases of torn ligaments, such as an CCL strain, they are extremely helpful.

These leg braces help to support your canine's muscles in the leg and the joints in the knee. By doing so, the brace provides your dog with increased mobility. This is true no matter why your dog needs the brace, even if it is a genetic condition that won't ever be "fixed." If your dog is suffering as the result of an accident, a brace aids in faster injury healing. In some cases, braces can make a great alternative treatment to expensive knee surgery.

What Does a Dog Leg Brace not do?

As wonderful as they are, a dog leg brace isn't the perfect solution to any and all issues. Hip Dysplasia is one such condition. While we have knee braces, wrist braces, and ankle braces for dogs, we do not have any braces for hip issues. Instead, we encourage you to investigate physical therapy for their dog. Dogs that are extremely overweight are not good candidates for knee braces, due to the fact that the dog’s belly can prevent the brace from being positioned correctly. Finally, a leg brace isn't the solution for age-related muscle weakness. This is because in order to use a brace effectively, your dog needs to have strength in his or her legs. 

Here at Bionic Pets, our goal is always to help each animal regain their health, joy, playfulness and mobility. Our braces are designed to assist dogs with injuries, joint deterioration, and other similar ailments. We are here to help your pet get back to the healthy, happy dog you love so much! If you are unsure if this is the right choice, we recommend speaking with your vet about this option. If your vet is not familiar with these devices, reach out to VOSM (Veterinary and Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group). You can also contact us via our website or at