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Dog Knee Braces: The Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

Even on the saddest days, dog owners can't help but smile when they get home to their pups bouncing around with joy. For that simple reason, we always aim to keep our four-legged family members healthy and happy. But as any dog parent knows, aging and other health conditions can bring confusing challenges. When we see our best friends in pain, it is common for anxiety and preoccupation to take over since we want to help them and ensure they stay on the path to a healthy and full life.

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Can a Dog Live With a Torn ACL?

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Unfortunately, sometimes our pups can suffer an injury that could lead to a torn ACL. While dogs can live with a torn ACL, their quality of life is affected. Getting your pup to the vet immediately is important, as a torn ACL without treatment can require surgery. To understand more about this injury and how it can affect your dog, we'll explain what a torn ACL is, how it's diagnosed and treated, and how to help your dog live a comfortable life. Table of Contents Dogs ACL Injury Diagnosis Treatment Options Living With a Torn CCL The Importance of Treating a Torn CCL Dogs ACL Injury First, the good news: a torn ACL...

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Can a Dog's ACL Heal Without Surgery?

An ACL tear is one of the most frequent injuries in dogs, and treatment options include rest, immobilization, and sometimes surgery. Dogs can heal from an ACL injury without surgery. For many dogs, orthopedic braces and supplements can be successful alternatives to surgical treatment. A licensed veterinarian is the only person you should visit to find out if your dog needs surgery or if there are alternatives to surgical intervention. After an ACL tear has been diagnosed in your dog, you'll want to give serious thought to the many treatment options at your disposal. Understanding Torn ACLs in Dogs ACL injuries are quite common for athletes. The thin band of connective tissue in the center of the knee that we...

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Can You Wrap a Dog's Torn ACL?

An injury to the cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL, is a common cause of lameness and limping in dogs. The CCL is a ligament that joins the front of the tibia to the back of the femur in dogs— in humans, this ligament is known as the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).   Dog CCL tears are commonly referred to as "dog ACL injuries" because the term is more universally understood. The CCL plays a crucial role in canine health since it stabilizes the knee joint and holds the tibia in place below the femur. What happens when your dog has a torn CCL? Can you wrap the dog's hind legs? The short answer is yes. A canine stifle (knee) brace should...

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Learn the Best Methods to Measure Your Dog for a Knee Brace

Newsflash: even the best-behaved dog can sometimes injure itself. A tumble can leave your pup with a swollen, painful knee that needs extra help healing. In other cases, it's just age affecting your dog’s bones. If this is the case for your pet, a knee brace can relieve their pain. But before going ahead and buying a knee brace, you must ensure that the item fits well to your dog. Knowing how to measure your dog for a knee brace is critical if you want to keep your best buddy safe from further injury. Measuring your dog may appear difficult at first, but it's actually a lot easier than you think. In this blog, we share the materials you need...

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