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Bionic Pets Custom Made Orthotic & Prosthetic Customer Contract / Agreement Form 

  1. The customer has the right to considerate and respectful services. 
  2. The customer has the right to an explanation of charges for the device(s). 
  3. The customers will have the right to politely voice questions or concerns about products or services by calling us at (703) 474-6204 or emailing us at The customer is responsible for reviewing posted information on regarding returns, shipping, refunds, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. 
  4. Bionic Pets utilizes UPS shipping envelopes & packages for domestic packages and DHL Service for international shipping. 
  5. Bionic Pets will ship a custom fabricated device within 10-14 business days for orthotics and 14 – 21 business days for prosthetics from the date of receipt of mold, full payment, & order form. Pictures & video may be required. (Time frame is subject to change according to fabrication capacity and ordering of supplies.) 
  6. Bionic Pets will make a “RUSH ORDER” on a case by case basis. Pricing and timeline is dependent upon the device, size of the animal and complexity of the case. Client is responsible for contacting us to arrange a rush order.
  7. International shipping: The client is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Bionic Pets, and any associated interaction, sales tax, and duties. 
  8. Customers have received a referral and diagnosis from their DVM, within the last two (2) months for some cases. All options have been explained by a medical professional and the customer has chosen to use a Bionic Pet’s device. Bionic Pets will work directly with your veterinarian to determine the best type of device for the desired outcome. 
  9. If the animal has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or any change of diagnoses, the customer is responsible for discussing the prognosis with their veterinarian. If the owner decides to proceed to order a device, no refunds will be made if the limb is amputated or the animal is euthanized before or after receiving the device. 
  10. If no official diagnosis has been made, the customer understands no refunds will be made in the event of a new or terminal diagnosis after the order has been placed. 
  11. This contract strictly applies to the device(s) you are receiving at this time, and a new contract will be needed for any additional device(s) or products. 
  12. The customer is responsible for notifying Bionic Pets immediately of any adjustments needed. (wear spots, skin break down, device defect, and improper fitting). A device defect is defined as premature breakage of the plastic superstructure, mechanical joints, plastic loop holders, and rivets. Bionic Pets will not be responsible for soft goods of wear and tear of straps, Velcro, pads, foam, and tread. 
  13. *Needed adjustments or repairs within the 6-month warranty period will be done at no charge. An adjustment is defined as grinding of shell, trimming of foam    adding glide, heat flare 
  14. The warranty for a custom device, including rush-orders, consists of: 
  15. A maximum of 4 modifications within 2 months from the time of receipt for workmanship and materials. 
  16. Customers are responsible for ALL shipping costs. This includes to and from Bionic Pets. 

iii. I agree that after the six-month warranty period on the devices there will be a charge for any adjustments, refurbishments to any part of the device, or for a remake on a device. 

  1. Customers understand that Bionic Pets will be asking for pictures and videos to help assess the fit and function. DO NOT MAIL DEVICE without contacting Bionic Pets to confirm all information/pictures are sufficient. 
  2. There will be a charge for adjustments or repairs that are made as a result of abuse or undue rough wear, as well as normal wear of foam liners, pads, straps, tread, and any additional adjustments which are prescribed by a Veterinarian/Animal Rehab Therapist/or other animal healthcare provider. 
  3. There will be a charge for any modifications/adjustments made as a result of weight loss/gain or physical-anatomical change 
  4. Failure to contact Bionic Pets or infrequent or non-use of a device does not absolve the owner from the responsibility for payment of any adjustment, refurbishment, or remake of a device 
  5. Since the device is custom fabricated it cannot be returned to Bionic Pets. No refunds will be made. 
  6. In the unfortunate event of a patient's death, the customer is responsible for the materials used thus far. 
  7. If the device is lost, the customer is responsible to cover the replacement cost of the device 
  8. Bionic Pets will inform the client if they feel the casting mold is insufficient. If the client chooses to proceed using the mold. Bionic Pets will have the client sign a waiver and will not be responsible for additional adjustments to the device after the warranty period. 

** This contract supersedes any other written or verbal information obtained prior to signing this document.