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Torn ACL: The Importance of a Stifle Brace for Your Dog

Derrick Campana

Stifle Brace for Your Dog

Your dog is more like a member of the family than a pet. Just because he or she is an animal doesn't make them any less important in your eyes! That is what makes it so difficult to suspect that he or she has torn their ACL and isn't able to play and move around very much. You're looking for a mobility solution, but what?

Your dog may love peanut butter and snuggling on the couch just like you do, but he or she isn't exactly the same as you. His or her anatomy is slightly different. This includes the fact that dogs have a "stifle," which you do not. A stifle is your dog’s rear leg joint. The stifle joint is a complex joint in the hind limbs of quadruped mammals, such as your dog. This joint joins three bones: the Femur, Patella, and Tibia.  There is also the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL). The CCL attaches to the Femur (your dog’s thigh bone), runs across the stifle joint, and attaches to the Tibia (shin bone). That makes the CCL very similar to an ACL in humans. When your dog’s stifle joint presents with a partial or complete rupture of the canine ACL tear (CCL), the Tibia is unrestrained and loose. A stifle brace is placed on the rear leg and knee after an injury. The stifle brace creates support that stabilizes the rear leg by coupling the Femur and Tibia together through the hinges placed across the stifle joint.

If your dog is showing signs of a torn ACL, like trouble walking, limping, and pain, you may be wondering if a brace could help. The short answer is yes, it can! With the right stifle brace in place, he or she will be back to their usual self in no time! That is why not just any brace will do. Your dog is the best, and you want the best for them! Stifle braces are the most common type of brace made at Bionic Pets. 

What you're looking for is one of the custom-made braces crafted by the experts at Bionic Pets. We create custom stifle braces so your dog can have the exact style, size, and support that is needed. All of the braces we make are individually made based on the measurements you provide. That is why we can say with confidence that the brace will be perfect and your dog will regain his or her mobility. 

When you order a brace from us, the casting kit is included! All you need to do is answer a few questions on our online form, like your dog's breed and weight. What color do you want the brace to be? What is your vet's name and address? Once we have a few simple pieces of information from you, we'll get to work! Very soon, they will be able to walk, run, jump, and play!