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At Bionic Pets, we offer stifle, tarsal, and carpal braces to help animals recover from injuries. Although most commonly known as knee braces for dogs, we fabricate braces for a variety of animals and for various joints too. If your pet, regardless of size or species, has an injury our braces could help with, please get in touch with us. Based on your pet's specific needs, we can conduct an assessment.

Our dog leg braces stabilize your pet’s joints, prevent further injuries, alleviate pain, and more. Help your pet regain movement and heal faster from joint injuries with our dog knee braces.

*In every case, we provide a casting kit with instructions to help every owner cast their own pet. Moreover, you can find further aid through our casting demonstration videos.

Types of Braces

We create 100% custom-built braces to help animals recover from various joint injuries, such as wrist or knee injuries. Each joint requires a different brace fitting. Due to this, at Bionic Pets, we offer three types of braces for your pet. Moreover, we can provide a combination of braces to treat injuries that involve multiple joints. From dog torn ACL braces to hock tarsal braces, we can help your pet recover.

Labrador wearing a stifle dog knee brace

Stifle Knee Braces for Dogs

Our stifle dog knee braces are our most popular product. We have helped numerous animals, from different species, shapes, and sizes recover from CCL tears with our stifle braces.

The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is the ligament humans know as ACL. For dogs and humans, CCL and ACL injuries tend to be quite painful and recovery can take a long time. Patients can wear out dog ACL braces on the rear legs. They help alleviate pain, prevent further injuries, and serve as an effective alternative to surgery.

Tarsal Braces for Hock (Ankle)

At Bionic Pets, we also fabricate tarsal braces. These help pets recover from injuries that can cause a strain on their hock. A hock is your pet’s “ankle”. Our tarsal braces provide support to the hock, knee, and leg during the healing process of various injuries including:

  • Achilles tendon injury
  • Medial/lateral collateral injury
  • Digital flexor tendon(s) injury

Our tarsal braces serve both as an aid in post-operative recovery and as an effective alternative to surgery.

Collage of dogs wearing a tarsal brace for their hock
Golden Retriever wears a carpel brace for their wrist

Carpal Braces for Wrist

If your pet suffers from carpal hyperextension, our wrist braces can help by supporting the front legs. The term "carpal hyperextension" refers to an abnormality of the carpus that causes wrist hyperextension. In addition to helping with post-operative recovery, they help with rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

We fabricate 100% custom-made carpal braces for dogs and other animals. This helps us ensure our braces fit perfectly and effectively meet your pet’s needs.


Do knee braces work for dogs?

Dog knee braces, also known as stifle braces, can effectively help recover from CCL tears. A CCL is the dog version of what humans know as an ACL. A CCL injury is very painful. Moreover, if left untreated, it can cause further damage to your dog’s leg and joints.

With a high-quality and custom-made dog ACL brace, your dog can effectively recover from a CCL tear. Moreover, dog torn ACL braces are a less invasive and less expensive alternative to surgery.

Can dogs recover from ACL tears without surgery?

Yes, surgery is not always the ideal option for every dog. Dog leg braces are an effective alternative to surgery to help your pet heal and prevent further injuries. Moreover, it’s a cheaper and less invasive alternative. Braces are a good option for pet owners who cannot afford surgery or when the pet cannot have surgery.

What is the best ACL brace for a dog?

The best knee brace for dogs is one that’s high-quality and tailor-made to meet the dog’s needs. At Bionic Pets, we specialize in fabricating dog ACL braces and other prosthetics and orthotics. All our products are 100% custom-made and accessible. Our custom animal stifle brace can help treat a partial CCL tear. They stabilize the knee, alleviate pain, and prevent further injuries.

We are one of the cheapest custom prosthetic companies on the market. And both our company and owner are renowned for their work in the animal prosthetics and orthotics industry.

How many hours a day should a dog wear a knee brace?

There is no exact amount of time your dog should wear its dog leg brace to heal. How long a dog wears the dog knee brace depends on its activity level, age, weight, energy, and environment. Your dog should wear the brace during playtime, walks, whenever they spend time outside, and other activities that require more energy. On the other hand, you should take the knee brace for dogs off when they’re resting. Also, remove it when they’re in a controlled environment, or swimming.

Our Other Products

At Bionic Pets, we specialize in animal prosthetic products. Aside from dog braces, we offer a wide range of products to help animals with missing limbs, malformed limbs, and hydrocephalus live a better life.

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