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The Best Custom Animal Knee Brace in 2022

Derrick Campana

You have the best dog on earth. You know that he deserves the best owner on Earth. In order to be this for him, you do everything you can to ensure he is happy, healthy, and well taken care of. When you notice an issue that is causing him pain or affecting his mobility, you know there is only one thing good enough for him: the best custom animal knee brace! Nothing less will do.

Does Your Dog Need a Custom Animal Stifle?

Your dog's "knee" is correctly referred to as his stifle, as dogs have slightly different anatomies than we do. One thing dogs do have in common with us, though, is that dogs can suffer from a range of knee problems. From simple sprains, to torn ligaments, to arthritis, there are a variety of conditions in which a custom animal knee brace can help. No one wants to see their best friend suffer, yet it’s easy to feel helpless when they’re affected by a chronic condition or injury. You don't need to worry; Bionic Pets is here to help.

Our non-rigid braces are designed to support the knee, improving mobility, and helping injuries to heal. In the case of a long-term condition, the brace will give them a quality of life they wouldn't otherwise have. Some veterinary professionals may even suggest a brace as an alternative to conventional surgery. If you think your pooch could benefit from a knee brace, this what we recommend:

Custom Animal Stifle (Knee) Brace

Providing support to tender joints is the main function of a leg brace, so it’s important to select a brace that’s up to the task. Be on the lookout for multiple connectors, fasteners, and straps, as this ensures the fit is snug enough to provide the stability required. It’s also a good idea to choose a brace that has been veterinarian-approved and has a long reputation within the industry for being top-notch.

Look no further than our knee (stifle) brace. They are the most common type of brace made at Bionic Pets. A stifle brace typically treats a partial CCL tear. They are used to stabilize the knee, prevent tibial drawer, alleviate pain, and aid in scar tissue development. Knee (stifle) braces can be used to:

  • Prevent surgery
  • Aid in post-operative healing
  • Support the contralateral limb post-operatively  
  • Stabilize the knee for non-surgical candidates or clients who can not afford surgery

Bionic Pets Makes The Custom Animal Knee Braces You're Looking for

When it’s time to select a knee brace for your dog, remember that the best brace in the world simply won’t work if it’s the wrong size and doesn't fit. That's why you want to order a custom brace. It’s important to measure your dog before you invest in one. A casting kit is included with your purchase! When you want what is best for your pet, you want a product created by Bionic Pets.