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Wizard of Paws TV Show has a Second Season!

Derrick Campana

Derrick Campana has won the hearts of viewers everywhere with his philosophy of making every life count, especially when it comes to animals. If you've been loving Wizard of Paws, you're not alone. Because so many people have been watching and enjoying the series, it recently premiered a second season of the hit television show!


If you haven't yet watched Wizard of Paws, now is the time to do so. You can stream and catch all of the episodes in season one before watching the season two episodes. The show features our own Derrick Campana, the founder of Bionic Pets. Campana travels the world helping animals of all kinds live the best lives they can. He does this by creating prosthetics designed specifically for individual animals in need.

Derrick Campana has been working to create animal prosthetics for 17 years and he hasn’t looked back since leaving the human industry. Seeing the first dog able to gain mobility gave him a joy he couldn’t describe, and so he decided to stick with it for the long haul. To date he has helped almost 30,000 patients. It isn't just dogs, but also llamas, elephants, donkeys, and more. In fact, when you watch the second season, you will see him make a customized 3-D-printed car for an 85-pound tortoise!

You can watch all of Wizard of Paws season one directly on the National Geographic website. You can also catch new episodes on BYUtv, Wednesdays at 9 pm. The show is all about a dramatic transformation of a life when Derrick Campana creates one-of-a-kind artificial limbs for animals in need. Each episode features an adorable animal who is unable to stand or walk. Derrick gives these animals the gift of mobility, as well as a second chance at a happy and healthy life. It is no wonder this show is quickly becoming so popular!

Remember, filming for Wizard of Paws isn't the only time Campana makes animal prosthetics. He recently said, "I don’t only make prosthetics for ‘The Wizard of Paws’ show. I’m making about 75 to 100 almost every single week here in my shop in Sterling, Virginia. You can see what we go through, this process: knee braces for dogs, donkey legs, just a whole gamut of different animal species. We work on all different types of animals. It’s never, ever boring.”

When he discusses his shop in Virginia, he's talking about Bionic Pets! Derrick is much more than just the host of a tv show. Derrick Campana is the best at what he does, and has both the experience and the credentials to prove it. 

The Wizard of Paws is definitely a “feel good” show that melts viewers’ hearts. We encourage you to watch it, whether you have an animal who's in need of a mobility aid or you simply love to watch shows about animals.