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What are the Best Pet Prosthetics Wagons for Your Pet?

Derrick Campana

You have the best pet on earth. Your furry friend (or feathery, or scary, or…) deserves the best owner on Earth. You would do anything and everything you can to ensure he is happy, healthy, and living the life he deserves. A lack of mobility can make this a challenge, though. Being able to live an active lifestyle is so important, yet impossible with certain chronic conditions or illnesses.

When you notice an issue that is causing him pain or affecting his mobility, you know there is only one thing good enough for him: the best animal prosthetics wagons in the industry! Nothing less will do.

When are Prosthetics Wagons Helpful?

This isn't a little red wagon, although that would certainly be cute. Think of this kind of wagon like a wheelchair for your dog. While he or she isn't necessarily sitting, the mechanics and functionality are the same. A custom-fit wagons are a helpful vehicle for your pet to mobilize comfortably and securely.

Don't worry that your pet will be confused or frustrated; this won't be the case. Your pet, whatever animal it may be, is much more capable of understanding his new mobility aid than you may realize. In fact, it’s our experience that for most dogs who are frustrated in their ability to walk, it takes only a few seconds to get used to walking in one of our wagons. You won't believe your eyes! That's not to say only dogs can benefit from these wagons. Animals of many different species are rolling around in their own cart right now!

The Best Prosthetics Wagons Available Online

The best carts in the industry are made by Bionic Pets. There's simply no need to look elsewhere. We encourage you to direct your attention to our Thermoformed Plastic Animal Wagon

Our custom-fit wagons are a helpful vehicle for your pet to mobilize comfortably and securely. With a customized body jacket created from a cast mold taken of your pet, these wagons fit the unique contours of your pets' body flawlessly. The wheels are customizable as well, with a variety of sizes and tread depths for varying terrains. 

We offer two styles, thermoformed plastic  and 3D Printed TPU. They are both similar in flexibility and rigidity, and both take between four and six weeks to be custom made and shipped to you.

Trust Bionic Pets with Your Pet's Health and Happiness

When you want what is best for your pet, you want a product created by Bionic Pets. We produce everything a pet may need for mobility. We can make mobility aids for a Chihuahua, a Saint Bernard, and everything in between. In fact, if you watch Wizard of Paws- you will see our own Derrick Campana making Bionic Pets prosthetics and wagons for animals beyond dogs, like pigs and elephants- only to name a few!