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Thermoformed Plastic Animal Wagon

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Animal Wagons

Our custom-fit wagons are a helpful vehicle for your pet to mobilize comfortably and securely. With a customized body jacket created from a cast mold taken of your pet, these wagons fit the unique contours of your pets' body flawlessly. The wheels are customizable as well, with a variety of sizes and tread depths for varying terrains.

We offer 2 styles, Thermoformed plastic, and 3D Printed TPU, similar in flexibility and rigidity.

Lead time:

Thermoformed Plastic: 4-6 weeks

3D Printed: 4-6 weeks

**Casting Kit Included**

For our casting and fitting tutorials please visit our Youtube playlist here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpCzUxdc_jYQ8yOmHMRyxkTg8wZZgsFER

For our color options please follow this link: https://friddles.com/collections/friddles-coloring-paper