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Prosthetics FAQs: Do Dogs Like the Thermoformed Plastic Animal Wagon?

Derrick Campana

When your dog is suffering from mobility issues, one common solution is to have him or her fitted for a custom prosthetic. While you may think of like this a "fake leg" of sorts, that's not all the field of animal prosthetics entails. In fact, many dogs (even those with all four limbs intact) find relief in the form of a Thermoformed Plastic Animal Wagon.

What is an Animal Wagon?

Think of this kind of wagon like a wheelchair for your dog. While he or she isn't necessarily sitting, the mechanics and functionality are the same. Our custom-fit wagons are a helpful vehicle for your pet to mobilize comfortably and securely. With a customized body jacket created from a cast mold taken of your pet, these wagons fit the unique contours of your dog's body. The wheels are customizable as well, so you have a choice between a variety of sizes and tread depths for varying terrains.

Will My Dog Understand the Wagon?

Yes! Your dog is much more capable of understanding his or her new mobility aid, whether it's a prosthetic or wagon, than you may realize. In fact, it’s our experience that for most dogs who are frustrated in their ability to walk, it takes only a few seconds to get used to walking in one of our wagons. You won't believe your eyes!

This is particularly true the more help your dog needs. While it may seem counterintuitive, the worse condition your dog is currently in, the more quickly he or she will adapt to the wagon. If a dog is able to get where he wants to go without any help, they may not necessarily perceive a wagon as a necessary accessory. For those who are seriously mobility-impaired, they will see this as the wonderful solution you know it to be!

We encourage you to pay attention to your pet’s body language, as no one knows your dog better than you. You'll want to be sure he or she is relaxed, with a straight back. Also make sure that the cart is set at a weight-bearing stance, so he or she can feel their feet touching the ground and use their paws for traction. The more comfortable the wagon is, the more confident your dog will be with the first few steps. When a dog is in a properly fitted and balanced wagon, the learning curve is typically not more than a few seconds!

Animal Wagons and Prosthetics from Bionic Pets

We don't want you to worry that your dog (or any other animal for that matter!) will be frustrated or confused with the new wagon. In nearly all cases, the opposite is true. In just four to six weeks, your furry best friend will be thrilled with the ability to walk again!