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Prosthetic Legs for Dogs, Cats, and other Pets

At Bionic Pets, we produce partial and full limb prosthetics for different animals in various weights and sizes. Our high-quality, hand-crafted dog leg prosthetics can help your pal get its energy and mobility back. All of our prosthetics are custom-made. This helps us ensure a comfortable fit and satisfy your pet’s unique needs.

Your purchase includes a casting kit and instructions. You can also check our playlist on the casting and fitting of our pet prosthetics in our video.

Our Pet Prosthetics

Custom Animal Prosthetic Limbs / Canine Prosthetics - $975

We mostly fabricate partial limb prosthetics for dogs. They serve as both back and front leg dog prosthetics. We can also create custom prosthetics for other species. So, if you’re interested in a partial artificial leg for your pet, contact us.

Our partial pet prosthetic legs are available in three different sizes. They help relieve the weight-bearing limb, improve body alignment and increase activity level. Other benefits include preventing further deformation of existing joints and an overall improvement in quality of life.

Limb requirements:

  • Front partial-limb prosthetic: Amputation must be at least 4in below the elbow.
  • Hind partial-limb prosthetic: Amputation must be at least 2in below the hock.

Full Limb Prosthetic - Thermoformed Plastic Body Jacket - $1,560

Our full prosthetic legs for dogs and body jacket are exclusively for the FRONT LEG. We make full front leg prosthetics for dogs. If you have another species that needs a full limb prosthetic please contact us.

Our full-limb animal prosthetics offer relief for the weight-bearing limb, increase activity level and assist in rehabilitation therapy. They also help prevent further deformation of the existing joints and help your pet carry out daily activities. Our full dog leg prosthetics can be used to assist with both congenital and traumatic conditions.

Limb requirements:

  • Front full-limb prosthetic: Amputation must be above the elbow.

Why Choose Bionic Pets Prosthetic Legs for Dogs?

dog runs with full limb prosthetic and body jacket
  • Comfortable fit

  • Our artificial animal limbs are custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit for your pet. This will avoid discomfort and pain when used. Each of our dog leg prosthetics is designed and built to meet your pet’s unique needs.

  • Increased mobility and support

  • Bionic Pets back and front leg dog prosthetics will provide your pet with stability. This makes acts such as walking, running, or jumping a lot easier.

  • Long-term solution

  • Our hand-made, top-quality prosthetics are made to withstand your pet’s normal life rhythm for years. This includes running and playtime.

  • Improved quality of life

  • Regaining both mobility and agility can help your pet achieve a sense of normalcy. With our pet prosthetics, they can also overcome the mental health issues usually tied to amputations. This in turn, assists in improving their overall lifestyle.

  • Affordable

  • We are committed to improving animals’ quality of life and helping them overcome mobility difficulties. We offer top-quality, yet budget-friendly prosthetic legs for dogs. Our inventory also includes stifle braces for dogs, thermoformed plastic wagons, and cranial helmets.

Keeping your pet prosthetics clean

Once your pet has its custom prosthetic fitted and set, there are certain steps you must take to keep it clean. Hygiene is highly important to prevent injuries and skin irritation on your pet. Regularly cleaning the prosthetic will also improve its durability.

  • Clean the plastic shell of the prosthetic with antibacterial wipes or light soapy water.
  • Socks require hand-washing and air-drying.
  • Use a wire brush, gently brushing in one direction to remove any hair and dirt from the hook.


Are there prosthetics for dogs?

Yes, at Bionic Pets we specialize in creating prosthetics and orthotics for animals. We fabricate full or partial limb prosthetics to help pets regain their mobility, protect their remaining limbs, and improve their overall quality of life. Our prosthetics are custom-made to fit your dog, avoid discomfort, and meet their needs.

Do 3 legged dogs need prosthetics?

Not all 3 legged dogs need prosthetics to live a long, healthy, and happy life. However, dog leg prosthetics can help increase their activity levels, protect their existing joints, and improve their quality of life.

Still not sure if your pet is a candidate for our prosthetics?

About Bionic Pets

Derrick Campana CEO of Bionic Pets poses next to a dog, holding its canine prosthetic.

At Bionic Pets, we’re dedicated to helping animals recover their mobility and improve their overall quality of life. Our founder Derrick Campana is a pioneer in the field of Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics. He began working on prosthetics for humans and now brings his knowledge on human prosthetics to the animal world. Although we mostly work on back and front leg dog prosthetics, we have also developed custom devices for other types of animals.

We have a wide array of products that include stifle braces for dogs, thermoformed plastic wagons, and cranial helmets.

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