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What are the Benefits of Animal Prosthetics?

Derrick Campana

You want your pet to live a long, happy, and healthy life. For a variety of reasons, some pets are only able to achieve this via the use of animal prosthetics. If you're wondering if this option is right for your furry best friend, we'd love the opportunity to speak on the topic more in depth with you.

The truth is that there are many beneficial reasons that fitting your pet with an animal prosthetic is a good idea. Together, let's look at a few of the most important reasons to consider this option.

Reason #1 Increased Mobility

The first benefit of animal prosthetics is the most obvious. A prosthetic allows an animal to move around in a very similar way as they would with a natural limb. This could be a paw or full limb, but either way the prosthetic is going to make it easier to walk.

After an accident or due to a chronic condition, a simple act such as walking or jumping onto the couch may feel impossible for your pet. Animal prosthetics minimize discomfort, provide support and stability, and prevent further stress- all serving to increase mobility.

Reason #2 Improved Health

Mobility is important for its own sake, as well as the effect it has on an animal's long-term health. From tackling longer walking distances to enjoying a full range of joint movement, your pet will take advantage of an animal prosthetic to stay at a healthy weight, take pressure off of sore joints, and more.

Reason #3 More Fun!

And as a pet, what’s more important than having a good time? Once your dog, cat, or other animal has their mobility back they will be more playful. This restoration of their capabilities allows a pet to just be a pet- running around with their family, playing games, and enjoying time with other animals. To many pet owners, the ability for their beloved furry friend to enjoy themselves is just as important as their physical health.

Order Animal Prosthetics From Bionic Pets

You treasure your pet. As a responsible and compassionate pet owner, you will do anything you can to allow them to continue living life to the fullest. We could not agree more! An improved quality of life for each and every one of our animal clients is our top priority. He or she is more than just a pet. Here at Bionic Pets, they’re part of the family and deserve the absolute best care that we can offer. 

Providing your pet with their unique prosthetic is about more than just mobility. It’s about giving your beloved animal friend the quality of life they deserve. We would like to further discuss their need for a prosthetic. Please feel free to either order your animal prosthetic through our simple online request form, or reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns.