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Our Favorite Wizard of Paws Moments

Derrick Campana

The founder of Bionic Pets, Derrick Campana, has been working to create animal braces and prosthetics for over 17 years. To date he has helped almost 30,000 patients. It isn't just dogs, but also ducks, elephants, tortoises, and more. Many of these stories are highlighted on the show Wizard of Paws! Have you started watching it yet? You can watch all of Wizard of Paws season one directly on the National Geographic website. You can also catch new episodes on BYUtv, Wednesdays at 9 pm.

Derrick Campana has won the hearts of viewers everywhere with his philosophy of making every life count, especially when it comes to animals. It is no wonder this show is quickly becoming so popular! Each and every animal is special, so it's nearly impossible to pick a few favorites. That being said, these cases were truly near and dear to the team's heart:


Poppy the three legged pug was a rescue, taken in by a loving family after having her leg amputated at 14 weeks old due to horrific abuse. Despite her sad past, she isn't scared of humans. Poppy had a lot of love to give and our team was thrilled to give her the chance for mobility again!



Everyone who knows Olive loves her! Olive, the English Golden Retriever, was originally chosen to be a therapy dog for sad and suffering humans. She is nothing short of loving and sweet. This is why we were so proud to help her with a deformed paw that caused her to limp. 


The Wizard of Paws indeed! In this heart-warming episode, Derrick and his team are tasked with making four prosthetics for all four of Elsa's paws. This is an extremely rare and complex situation, even for this crew of experts. All four of her legs needed partial prosthetics and they were all different. You definitely want to watch to see how this story turns out!


Not all of the animals shown on Wizard of Paws are dogs. One of our favorite non-traditional pets needing our help is a Duck named Waddles. He has a mangled left leg and his owner wants to better his quality of life by giving him a full prosthetic leg. Our team was up to the task!

These are just a few of our favorite moments from the care we've given over the years! In truth, it would be impossible to showcase them all here. You're simply going to have to watch the Wizard of Paws tv show! If you haven't yet watched Wizard of Paws, now is the time to do so. You can stream all of the episodes now.