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Custom Dog Braces for Chronic Conditions

Derrick Campana

Dogs can be born with genetic defects or abnormalities. This is sometimes due to irresponsible breeding practices. A dog can have dozens of puppies during her lifetime, all of which carry the same genes- good or bad. In order to get a sought-after breed, coloring, or eye color, dogs that are too closely related may be bred which leads to a whole host of genetic problems. Many times, no one did anything wrong and it's as simple as two dogs who each had a recessive trait for a genetic disease bred and created affected puppies.

A chronic, congenital condition is an issue that a dog is born with, but doesn’t necessarily show symptoms of right away. Your dog probably walked fine as a puppy and was full of energy, running and jumping. Now, he or she cannot walk well at all. Common genetic disorders in dogs include Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and Patellar Luxation. These conditions affect purebreds most often, because of what was mentioned above- you need two recessive genes to create a puppy with the disorder and this often comes from breeding closely-related dogs. These often cost thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat especially if your dog needs surgery and rehabilitation.

This is another option, though. You can order a custom dog brace to help alleviate the pain and support your dog through his chronic condition. Bionic Pets' custom braces are available for a variety of chronic conditions, including those mentioned above. Our custom braces are built from a cast of your pet's leg. We manufacture each brace to meet your pet's specific injury. This is done in four simple steps:

Step #1 Complete the Form.

Fill out our simple custom brace order form on our website to start the process. You will be directed to purchase the casting kit after completion.


Step #2 Take a Cast.

The casting kit will be used to make a mold of your pet's affected limb and used to create a custom tailored brace.


Step #3 Size and Price.

After Bionic Pets receives the mold and size of the brace, we'll contact you directly to complete your purchase.


Step #4 Create and Fit.

We build the brace and ship it right to you. You can then fit it to your pet and you're done!


In just four simple steps, your dog will be walking and happy again.

From CCL braces to hip braces, each custom brace is built to last a lifetime. If your dog is suffering from a chronic condition that will last a lifetime, you can help them by giving them a brace that makes it easier and less painful to walk. Not just any brace will do this. You need a custom brace, ordered and created by the best. That is Bionic Pets!