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Custom Dog Ankle Brace - Tarsal Rear Leg

Commonly referred to as an Achilles, Hock or Thoracic limb brace CONDITIONS: Primarily used post-operatively from Achilles Tendon repair instead of using an external fixation device which requires drilling into...


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Custom Dog Wrist Brace - Carpal Dog Front Leg

Bionic Pets custom Carpal braces help in the recovery of injury recuperation and injury prevention  CONDITIONS: The most common diagnosis when using this brace is Carpal Hyperextension Also used for Angular...


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Dog Leg Prosthetic - Full Limb

Bionic Pets' Full Limb Dog Prosthetic is designed to aid in the relief of the weight bearing leg. Since there is no residual limb to suspend a prosthetic, our full limb...


KnitRite Sock

FEATURES: For use under Custom Braces and Custom Prosthetics. One size fits most. Soft socks DO NOT fit very small dogs. 3-ply interface. Fibers wick moisture away from skin and...