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Treatment for Hydrocephalus in Dogs

Derrick Campana

Hydrocephalus, also known as "water in the brain," is a condition characterized by an abnormal buildup of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) within the skull and brain of dogs. CSF forms in the brain, then circulates through the brain and coverings, bathing and protecting them before being absorbed into the circulatory systems.

Hydrocephalus develops when the body produces too much CSF or the brain cannot regulate the fluid properly. Hydrocephalus can have neurological and behavioral consequences in animals, affecting their life development.

Dog parents with hydrocephalus puppies have challenges to face due to treatment accessibility for different symptoms. However, there has been an advancement in options for improved life quality, ranging from medical treatment to non-invasive and alternative methods.

This blog will discuss some of the most common medical methods for dog parents to treat hydrocephalus puppies responsibly, holistically, and lovingly.

Best Methods for Treating and Caring for a Hydrocephalus Puppy

The treatment for hydrocephalus may involve medication, surgery, or mobility devices. Here is an overview of each one of them:


Diuretics and glucocorticoids are used in medical treatment to stop CSF production. It is important to notice that clinical symptoms typically don't go away with medical treatment unless a specific reason can be identified and addressed.


In extreme cases, after medical and non-invasive treatment, veterinarians might recommend surgical treatment for animals with difficulty improving their health. The surgical intervention aims to drain CSF from the brain and transport it to another location for absorption.

Mobility Assistance

Mobility devices can assist hydrocephalus puppies in keeping their balance, walking, staying upright, and protecting their cranial sutures. A custom cranial helmet, for example, protects dogs from brain damage, allowing them to eat, drink, exercise, and live an easy life.

cranial helmet hydro puppies

This option is recommended if dog parents desire a more gentle and less painful choice for the puppy.

The Best Alternative for Your Hydro Puppy

Around two decades ago, Derrick Campana dreamt of providing dogs orthotics and prosthetics with the same level of care as human patients. As a result of that drive, the Bionic Pets team now provides custom-made prosthetics and orthopedic options for hydrocephalus dogs and other animals with mobility issues.

Today, we provide education to our community to have a better understanding of how alternative treatment works.

Our custom-made devices are some of the most cost-effective in the market, and we aim to open a Bionic Barn to attend to more diversity of animals and their conditions.

Before placing an order, please check with a Bionic Pets member or a veterinarian familiar with our products to verify your dog's eligibility for this or any other products.