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Small Canine Cranial Helmet

Custom Cranial Helmet

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Hydrocephalus Animal Helmet

Conditions such as hydrocephalus in animals cause a buildup of fluid that can lead to pressure inside of the head. This causes the bones of the skull to expand and separate, leaving the brain vulnerable to injury, or worse.

With our custom-built cranial helmets, animals with compromised skulls can live their lives freely and to the fullest.


**In Office Casting or Vet Casting Only.

DisclaimerIf devices are purchased without consulting a Bionic Pets team member or a veterinarian familiar with our products, the customer understands that full refunds cannot be given if casting kits are sent and the device ordered is incorrect or the animal is not a candidate for the product ordered. If contacted, Bionic Pets can issue a refund minus the processing fee of $150. Devices are custom made based on the cast provided, the pictures on this page are for reference. Once a device has begun fabrication, Bionic Pets reserves the right to evaluate refunds on a case by case basis depending on the amount of work already completed.

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