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Thank you for choosing Bionic Pets to aid in your pet's needs

Most animals do well on 3 legs, but we want them to do great on 4.

The goal of a full limb prosthesis is to help reduce stress on the body, realign the spine and shoulders and hopefully add years to your companion's life. Full limb prosthetics are not accepted by every dog and are used mainly for activity and when carts or other assistive devices cannot be used.

Custom-Made Prosthetics

Bionic Pets' custom prosthetics are available for a variety of injuries and chronic conditions. Our prosthetics are built from a cast of your pet's leg. We manufacture each prosthetic to meet your pet's specific injury.

From full limbs to partial, each custom prosthetic is built to last a lifetime.


Simple, Streamlined

Custom Prosthetic Process

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Step One

Initial evaluation

It is import to verify if you pet is healthy enough to use a full limb prosthetic by contacting your veterinarian or local Bionic Pets representative.

Step Two

Fabrication process

Please fill out the Full Limb Prosthetic Order Form below. We'll send you a casting kit with the necessary materials to get a mold of your dog's torso. This mold will be sent along with the order form to Bionic Pets in Sterling, VA.

Step Three

Delivery & Initial Fitting

The estimated fabrication and shipping time is [ ? ]. Our Wear & Care guide will show you how to properly integrate your custom prosthesis into your dog's daily activities.

Step Four

Follow-up & Rehab

Send us photos or videos for Bionic Pets to review and ensure your dog's prosthetic is fitting correctly. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Learn how to properly create your cast

Custom Prosthetic Process

Please note that only one cut strip down the length of the spine is needed and it is ok for the stocking to bunch up under the mold but try to keep as smooth as possible. The mold will be modified later by a Bionic Pets practitioner.

Body Styles

3D Printed. The more flexible and affordable model

Your pets’ torso would be molded using flexible fiberglass casting material
(kit sent to you or your vet) or 3D scanned and digitally sent via email.

This scan or mold would be used by the 3D printer to print the shell of your pets’ full limb prosthesis. This design is more lightweight and flexible and can be reprinted if adjustments need to be made or a second device is required. This process takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

Vacuum formed plastic. Stronger, resilient medical grade plastic.

Your pets’ torso would be molded via flexible casting material and shipped to Bionic Pets.

This negative mold is filled with plaster and hand sculpted into a positive mold. Foam and plastic would then be vacuum formed over this modified mold to produce the body shell required for the full limb prosthesis. This design takes 4-8 weeks to fabricate due to the labor- intensive process and cannot be perfectly duplicated or rebuilt like with the 3D printed version.

Wear & Care

Learn about break-in periods & skin and brace examination.


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Note: After submission, you will be directed to the casting kit purchase page.

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