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Who Are The Best Candidates For Our Pet Prosthetics?

Derrick Campana

Dogs are more than pets; they're a member of the family. You treasure your pet. You want your dog to live a long, happy, and healthy life. For a variety of reasons, some pets are only able to achieve this via the use of animal prosthetics. 

Did you notice we said "some pets" and not "all pets." The truth is that pet prosthetics are not a suitable option for all animals. If you're wondering if this option is right for your furry friend, we'd love the opportunity to speak on the topic more in depth with you. When we do, we'll go over whether or not dog prosthetics are the right solution for your pet.

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The Benefits of Dog Prosthetics

Who Are The Best Candidates For Pet Prosthetics?

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The Benefits of Dog Prosthetics

The most obvious benefit of a pet prosthetic is that a prosthetic allows an animal to move around in a very similar way as they would with a natural limb. This could be a partial or full limb, but either way the prosthetic is going to make it easier to get around. Beyond this, your pet will take advantage of an animal prosthetic to stay at a healthy weight, take pressure off of sore joints, and more. Not to mention- once your dog has his or her mobility back, they will be more playful.

Edit: add “minimize gait deviation and issues such as arthritis that might accompany uneven weight distribution” 

  • Also not every dog will be more playful but they should be able to return to a semi normal activity level.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Pet Prosthetics?

Well-fitted and regularly checked prosthetics will give your dog close to normal, if not completely normal, mobility and movement. Before anything else, you're going to need to determine if your dog is a good candidate. This means a trip to the vet. They will tell you more about whether your pet is an ideal candidate. 

Edit: vet visits aren’t always required- if they do we prefer them to see a vet that is familiar with prosthetics. 

For instance, a healthy dog with an ideal weight will be a good candidate for a prosthetic device. An overweight dog may need to lose weight before being fitted for a prosthesis. Another factor to consider is age. If your dog is still growing, you will need to refit the prosthetic as he or she grows. For this reason, some owners wait until puppies are full grown to have them fit for a prosthetic leg. 

Edit to add: consider personality and other othropedic issues or diagnossies such as arthritis, cancer, joint luxation etc. 

You can learn more on this page of our website.

Contact Bionic Pets to Learn More

Nearly all dogs that are determined to be good candidates perform well with a prosthetic device. Adjustments down the road may be necessary, but even with these adjustments, your beloved pet will be able to use the prosthetic for their entire lifetime. We would like to further discuss your dog's need for a pet prosthetic. Please feel free to either order your animal prosthetic through our simple online request form, or reach out to us here at Bionic Pets with any additional questions or concerns. 

Edit: don’t order, but submit a candidacy :)