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Should You Consider Buying a Wagon for Your Dog?

Derrick Campana

buying a wagon for your dog

Pets that are suffering from mobility issues often need their loving dog mom or dog dad to step in and help them. The solution is sometimes a prosthetic limb or leg brace. Some pet owners feel that their specific situations require the use of a wagon for your dog. A quick scan through the internet will show you plenty of pet owners who bring their senior dog around in a wagon because he or she can no longer keep up with the family.

Let's stop right here and discuss exactly what this is. As cute as it may sound, no- the answer to your dog's mobility issue probably isn't pulling your pup around in a red wagon. A wagon for your dog is fine for an afternoon at the beach, but it should not be his or her main form of getting around. If you are doing so because your dog is older and doesn't have as much energy as he or she used to, that's one thing. If your dog has a serious medical condition that requires care, this should be top priority.

Your dog is the world to you. He or she deserves to be happy and healthy. So, what do you do when your dog isn't happy and healthy? You figure out what you can do to help, of course! For pet owners who want to make sure their dog is comfortable despite a chronic condition, birth defect, or injury, it is worth looking into a better option. Instead of their entire life being experienced from inside a wagon, look into the option of dog leg braces so they're able to walk, run, jump, and move on their own. These are an excellent option for providing support to your dog’s leg muscles and joints. Braces can relieve arthritis pain and increase your dog’s ability to move more freely. In the cases of torn ligaments, such as an CCL strain, they are extremely helpful as well.

Here at Bionic Pets, our goal is always to help each animal regain their health, joy, playfulness and mobility. Our braces are designed to assist dogs with injuries, joint deterioration, and other similar ailments. As wonderful as they are, a dog leg brace isn't the perfect solution to any and all issues. That is why we encourage you to come to us and fully explain your pet's mobility issue so we can work together to decide on a solution. The best solution for your dog may be something else, like a dog cart. If your dog is unable to walk well because of deformed limbs or limbs that were lost in an accident, we also offer the option of dog prosthetics. We are here to help your pet get back to the healthy, happy dog you love so much!