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Pet Prosthetics FAQs: How Can I Help My Dog with an Amputated Leg?

Derrick Campana

Amputation is most commonly performed in dogs with bone cancer, a badly broken bone, or severe limb trauma. Being told your dog needs their front leg amputated is a scary time for you. You love your furry friend like a member of the family, and so you want him to be as happy and as healthy as possible. If your vet tells you an amputation is necessary, it's best to do so.

Then, what? Once you are home and your dog is recovering, you probably have quite a few questions. How will he walk? How will you be able to help him? As the pet prosthetics experts here in Virginia and the rest of the country, we are able to support you and give you the answers you're looking for.

Advice on Caring for a Dog After a Leg Amputation

Limb amputation is often the best way to relieve a pet’s suffering if a bone cannot be repaired or tissue damage is too extensive to heal. After an amputation, it is crucial that you provide a healthy, nurturing environment. This can be done in the following ways:

Incision Care

Your dog just had a major surgery! After the surgery, the amputation site will need to heal. He will have skin sutures that will require monitoring until they are removed, which will be about 10 days after the surgery. He will probably come home wearing an e-collar, or cone, to prevent him from chewing or licking the incision sutures. It is vital that you check your dog’s incision for abnormal bleeding, swelling, redness, or other signs of an infection. 

Pain Management

When a person has surgery, they're prescribed pain medication to help them get through the first few days. Your dog is in pain as well! Limb amputation can be a significantly painful procedure. Your dog's vet will preemptively address his pain to prevent any discomfort and will continue to provide post-operative pain control. Your job is to keep up with any and all prescriptions, giving it to him and making sure he follows the instructions with each. Always watch your dog closely for a few minutes after you’ve given him the medication. 

Pet Prosthetics

While it's not the first item to tackle, you do want to consider the idea of a pet prosthetic before too long. At Bionic Pets, we produce partial limb prosthetics and full limb prosthetics for dogs of various weights and sizes. Our high-quality, hand-crafted prosthetics can help your dog get its mobility back. Our prosthetics are custom-made, ensuring a comfortable fit and satisfying your dog’s unique needs. Your purchase includes a casting kit and instructions- everything you need! 

Trust Bionic Pets With Your Pet Prosthetics Needs

Although dogs typically do remarkably well after an amputation, their owners are often worried about how their beloved pet will live the rest of their life on three legs. Navigating the first few days, weeks, and months after a front leg amputation is critical to learning your dog's new normal.

Don't forget that you're not going through this alone. Bionic Pets is here for you!