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We're Happy to be a Part of the Wizard of Paws TV Show!

Derrick Campana

Custom braces and pet prosthetics help older dogs in the golden years of their lives, pets who have a chronic and genetic condition, as well as animals after an accident. Today's best animal healthcare can help with all of this! Years ago, dog braces were made by people who loved dogs but simply didn't know much about the science behind a dog's anatomy. Things have changed! Today, you can order a brace online that is made by actual orthotists, people trained in brace making. These professionals have researched mechanics and materials that work for older dogs like yours.

This is why the pet prosthetic and brace industry is booming. In fact, there are so many people fascinated by this concept that there is a television show all about it! On Wizard of Paws, Derrick Campana saves lives through the prosthetics and braces he custom builds for animals. Receiving his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology/Biomechanics from Penn State University and Masters Degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Northwestern University, Derrick has pioneered the field of Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics (V-OP) into what it is today. The show follows him as he travels the U.S. in his mobile "limb lab" to make prosthetics for pets in need. Each episode features a new animal, not always a dog, being treated by Derrick. Their lives are saved, their mobility is restored, and their quality of life is vastly improved. It's great tv- plain and simple!

There's even more exciting news. When you watch Wizard of Paws, you'll see a familiar face and hear a familiar name brand. We're involved in this show! Derrick Campana is the founder of Bionic Pets. 

It all started two decades ago, when Derrick Campana was building orthotic and prosthetic devices for people. He quickly learned this was something he was good at and had a passion for. A few years later in 2004, a veterinarian brought her dog, a black Labrador named Charles,  into Derrick's “human” office. At this moment, Derrick discovered his true passion… making these devices for animals! The next year, Derrick started Animal Ortho Care. From the beginning with Charles, his company today has treated nearly 20,000 furry patients with mobility devices. Derrick then went on to start his second business, Bionic Pets, after the great success and huge expansion of Animal Ortho Care. This splits Prosthetics (Bionic Pets) and Orthotics (Animal Ortho Care) into two separate disciplines, showing the animal loving world the difference between the two. 

Derrick's goal is to help as many animals as he can while in his lifetime. We're sure you will love to see this goal shine through each episode of Wizard of Paws