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How To Train Your Pet to Wear a Dog Brace

Derrick Campana

Your beloved pet has mobility issues that stem from a chronic condition or accident. You love your furry friend and want to do everything possible to restore his quality of life. For this reason, you chose to order a dog brace online that will fit him perfectly. You know this dog knee brace will restore his ability to walk, run, jump, and enjoy his life again. There is one problem though. While you know exactly what the brace is for, your dog does not! 

It is not uncommon for a dog to fight against having the brace put on for the first time. He may refuse to move with it on or even try to chew it off. It's okay! This behavior is completely normal and natural; it doesn't mean the brace was a bad idea.

Tip #1 Be patient! Your dog needs to learn what the brace is and unfortunately can't read our website to do so. You can help alleviate any fear or concern on his part by letting him smell the brace first. Encourage him with a gentle voice and treats to get his tail wagging. Once your dog seems more comfortable, have him sit and stay. Never restrain your dog while you’re training him to wear the brace, especially during the first trial run! You want him to associate the brace with comfort, and not fear or negativity.

Tip #2 Don't force it all to happen at once. The first trial run may not be a roaring success. That's okay! A combination of positive reinforcement training and patience is the best approach to teaching your dog anything. If he needs a break, give him one. If he wiggles away when you try to slip the brace on his leg, don’t yell at him. Calm him down with a happy voice and try again. He'll get it eventually!

Tip #3 Help him walk. Remember, he doesn't understand this device is there to help him walk. It's not uncommon for a first timer to immediately sit down once the brace is on. Carefully lift him up and place him on all four legs. Then, reward him with a treat. You may have to do this more than once. If he is still refusing to budge from a standing position, use his favorite toy, treat, or trick, as an incentive to move forward a few steps. It is very important that this be on his terms, so never attach his leash and try to pull him forward without his consent.

If you're ready to purchase a brace or have questions before you do, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can either call 703-474-6204 or email Our goal is to help as many animals as we can and even the playing field between animals and humans as far as treatment options that are offered for injuries and chronic conditions. We truly care about the health and wellbeing of your pet! This is why we make your dog's mobility our top priority. Reach out today and let us know how we can help.