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Custom-Made Prosthetics for Dogs

Derrick Campana

Just like a human being may sometimes have a prosthetic limb, this may also be a good solution for dogs as well. Prosthetics are used immediately following surgical removal of the non-functional portion of the leg. This can be a good solution when body weight or activity level necessitates the need for additional support and increased function. A prosthesis allows normal weight-sharing on all legs which helps to eliminate overuse syndrome on the normally-functioning side of the shoulder, hip, or spine. Some puppies are born missing a limb and need one from the very beginning.

Whatever the reason you need a prosthetic for dogs, it is important to understand that this must be custom made. A prosthetic leg is not a one size fits all thing, nor is it something that can come in just small, medium, or large size. This new limb needs to fit your dog perfectly. This can only be achieved by having it custom fit. Don't worry; this is not as difficult to achieve as it may seem at first. You can get your dog the prosthetic limb he or she needs by ordering it online.

Bionic Pets makes it simple and convenient to order the prosthetic limb you need. Our custom prosthetics are available for a variety of injuries and chronic conditions. These dog prosthetics are built from a cast of your furry friend's leg. We manufacture each prosthetic to meet your pet's specific injury. In order to do this, you will fill out the simple online form. You'll tell us a bit about yourself, your vet, and of course your dog. Some of it you'll know off the top of your head, like your dog's name and breed. For some other pieces of needed information, you'll need to measure your dog. Take your time; this is very important! We'll also ask you to submit photos of your dog from various angles.

Once this form is submitted, you'll get a casting kit in the mail. The casting kit will be used to make a mold of your pet's limb and used to create a custom tailored prosthetic. After we receive the mold and size the prosthetic, we'll contact you directly to complete your purchase. Your part is all done! We build the prosthetic and ship it right to you. You can then fit it to your pet and you're done! Your furry friend will soon be walking and even running with ease. He or she will be so happy to live with a family who loves and cherishes them.

We are proud of our simple, streamlined custom prosthetics process.

From full limbs to partial, each custom prosthetic is built to last a lifetime. If your dog is suffering after losing a limb, don't wait any longer to order the solution he or she needs. For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us by calling 703-474-6204 or emailing

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