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Why You Should Choose Bionic Pets Prosthetics

Derrick Campana

It may feel as if an amputation is the end of your dog being happy, healthy, and mobile. This is not true! Thankfully, many dogs live a relatively normal life after a limb is removed. It is up to you as his owner to make sure he has everything he needs to do so. After a major amputation surgery, you will want to consider the idea of ordering Bionic pet prosthetics online. 

3 Reasons to Choose Bionic Pets Prosthetics

You have options in the industry, but the best choice is very clear. We are proud to tell you that we are the best option for these products for a number of reasons, including:

There are No Breed or Size Limitations

At Bionic Pets, we produce everything a pet may need for mobility. This includes partial limb prosthetics and full limb prosthetics for dogs of various weights and sizes. We can make prosthetics for a Chihuahua, a Saint Bernard, and everything in between. In fact, if you watch Wizard of Paws- you will see our own Derrick Campana making Bionic pets prosthetics for animals much bigger than dogs!

Our Products are Custom

If you were to buy an item only offered in a few sizes, like Small, Medium, and Large, this would severely limit how well the prosthetic actually fits. An ill-fitting prosthetic is uncomfortable and unlikely to help him walk again. Our high-quality, hand-crafted prosthetics can help your dog get his mobility back. This is because our prosthetics are custom-made, ensuring a comfortable fit and satisfying your dog’s unique needs. 

Your Kit Includes Everything You Need

We aren't here to nickel and dime you. This is an extremely tough time for your family most likely, and we're here to make it better- not make as much money off of your dog's situation as possible. When you opt for Bionic pets prosthetics, your purchase includes a casting kit and instructions. When you have everything you need at the click of a button, it's one less thing for you to worry about. 

Trust Bionic Pets Prosthetics With What Your Dog Needs

We know this is a scary time for you. It is helpful to remember that you're not going through this alone. The team at Bionic Pets is here for you and your dog! Although dogs typically do remarkably well after an amputation, their owners are often worried about how their beloved pet will live the rest of their life on three legs. While the first few days, weeks, and months after a front leg amputation may be a challenge, you will soon come to feel comfortable with your dog's new normal.