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Stifle Braces for Dogs
3 pieces Stifle Braces for Dogs
Bilateral Stifle Braces for Dogs
Bilateral Stifle Braces for your pet
Stifle Braces for Doggy
Stifle Braces for puppy

Custom Animal Stifle (Knee) Brace

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Custom Stifle Brace

Stifle braces for dogs (knee braces) are the most common type of brace made at Bionic Pets.

A stifle brace typically treats a partial CCL tear.

Stifle braces are used to stabilize the knee, prevent tibial drawer, alleviate pain, and aid in scar tissue development.

Stifle (Knee) braces can be used to:

  1. Prevent surgery
  2. Aid in post-operative healing
  3. Support the contralateral limb post-operatively  
  4. Stabilize the knee for non-surgical candidates or clients who can not afford surgery


    A casting kit is included, please note that the casting kits are not sold separately. 

    Disclaimer: If devices are purchased without consulting a Bionic Pets team member or a veterinarian familiar with our products, the customer understands that full refunds cannot be given if casting kits are sent and the device ordered is incorrect or the animal is not a candidate for the product ordered. If contacted, Bionic Pets can issue a refund minus the processing fee of $150. Devices are custom made based on the cast provided, the pictures on this page are for reference. Once a device has begun fabrication, Bionic Pets reserves the right to evaluate refunds on a case by case basis depending on the amount of work already completed. 

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