Thermoplastic Full Limb Body Jacket


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Bionic Pets’ Full Limb Thermoformed Prosthesis is designed to aid in the relief of the weight-bearing leg. Since there is no residual limb to suspend a prosthetic, our full limb prosthesis is suspended off of the body to give added support.

At the current time, Bionic Pets’ full limb prosthesis is designed ONLY for the front leg. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a design for full limb devices for missing hind limbs. If your pet is missing a hind limb, please inquire about a custom cart.

  • Limb replacement is used to prevent further deformation and degeneration of existing joints
  • Prevent gait deviations
  • Maintain acts of daily living
  • Decrease leg length discrepancies
  • Increase exercise/activity level
  • Provide means to participate in rehabilitation therapy
  • Can be used for traumatic or congenital conditions
  • Improve your pet’s quality of life
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Weight 5 kg