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How does a Hydrocephalus Dog Helmet Work?

Derrick Campana

Hydrocephalus Dog Helmet

Hydrocephalus is a condition characterized by a build-up of fluid in the brain. Hydrocephalus literally means “water on the brain.” The excess fluid puts pressure on the brain, which can damage it. If left untreated, hydrocephalus can be fatal. That is why if your vet tells you that your dog has hydrocephalus, you'll want to quickly learn all you can about the disease as well as what we can do to help.

What is Hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus is an excess of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that has leaked inside the skull, leading to brain swelling. A build-up of CSF can occur in the brain if the flow or absorption of CSF is blocked or too much CSF is produced by the body. This leads to increased pressure within the skull that presses on the sensitive brain tissues. Increased intracranial pressure can lead to permanent, irreversible brain damage and death. You don't want this for your dog, and neither do we!

There are two main types of hydrocephalus in dogs: congenital (meaning present at birth) and acquired. Congenital hydrocephalus is a birth defect most often associated with a dome-shaped skull. Affected dogs may not have any obvious clinical signs as a puppy, particularly when they are very small and young. Small, miniature, and toy breeds seem to be more affected. Acquired hydrocephalus develops when the flow of CSF is blocked or altered by infection, tumor, or swelling. The most common cause of acquired hydrocephalus is a brain tumor.

How does a Hydrocephalus Dog Helmet Work?

Owners who observe or suspect any signs of hydrocephalus in their dog should immediately consult their veterinarians, as further evaluation and testing may be needed. Hydrocephalus in dogs is a serious, sometimes life-threatening, condition. It's not all bad news, thankfully. In the acute or early phases of hydrocephalus, treatment can be directed toward reducing CSF production and inflammation by using corticosteroids. There is also the option for a helmet. Our custom-fit hydrocephalus dog helmet can protect your dog's head from further swelling. Gentle, persistent pressures are applied to capture the natural growth of a puppy's head while inhibiting growth in the prominent areas and allowing for growth in the flat regions. Think of it like "cranial remolding." 

Order Your Hydrocephalus Dog Helmet Through Bionic Pets

We encourage you to speak with your veterinarian and discuss your dog’s prognosis and treatment options, based on his or her individual condition. As well, discuss any on-going supportive care that may need to be provided throughout the life of your dog. For some pets, a helmet is a wonderful treatment option. Our helmets are 3D printed to be the perfect fit for your dog. Nothing less will do! Our exciting partnership with DiveDesign has allowed us to utilize 3D scanning, custom software, and 3D printing to make these high-tech helmets for your pet.